18 May 2016 The changing role of packet capture in Network Security

As a Gartner cool vendor Telesoft recognises that computer network challenges from both a network and security operation perspective are vast and growing in complexity. Online applications are putting a strain on traditional network utilisation and the need for simplicity is driving up demand for smoother network operation. Though the network world is bowing to the inevitability of change, the techniques used are still very much the same. Read more

25 Apr 2016 3 Reasons why you should try Suricata

As active members of the Suricata community, Telesoft is committed to providing solutions that can truly contribute to making life easier for IDS/IPS users. We have put together this blog post to explain what Suricata is and how it could work for you. Suricata is a high performance Network IDS, IPS and Network Security Monitoring engine. Suricata is Open Source, developed and owned by a community run non-profit foundation, the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF) and its supporting vendors. Read more

14 Apr 2016 Leveraging IPFIX Headers for Complete Network Visibility

Packets and ports are no longer the metrics by which a high speed network is managed — the future is about flows. Flow monitoring has become a proactive and cost effective way to manage and track traffic in high speed networks. Read more

23 Mar 2016 RSA 2016: Insider threats and visibility at the network core

Even as the Telesoft team set up the stand, the atmosphere on the floor of the South Expo was palpable. All the buzz surrounding RSA 2016, pointed to a much more positive atmosphere than last year, 2015 was all about recognising and accepting, that as an industry we have a problem. The list of variables adversely affecting the cyber security industry is long; insider threat, increasing data rates, lack of talent, sophisticated adversaries, budgetary restrictions and the list goes on. Read more

03 Mar 2016 RSA 2016: Cyber defence, taking back control

The message is clear, we need boots on the ground and we need to equip them with proper tools to defend themselves. Amit Yoran (RSA Chairman) said in his Keynote speech on Tuesday that we are no longer surprised by attacks, you could argue that we almost expect them to happen because we know our defences are not fit for purpose. However, this year’s conference is not about the doom and gloom surrounding the inadequacies of the Cyber security industry. The show this year gives critical focus to the advancements and achievements we have made to counter attacks and protect our networks, the battle drums has been sounded. Read more