17 Feb 2017 Ten years of innovations at MWC - 2007

Whether it is your first-ever Mobile World Congress (MWC) or you’re a seasoned veteran, it won't be lost on you that MWC is a one-stop shop for all the latest from the world of Mobile, IOT and Telecommunications. Telesoft has been exhibiting for over 10 years and to celebrate we have taken a look back at some of the most exciting events and innovations to come out of the show for the last ten years, from flip phones to virtual reality. Starting with a throwback all the way to 2007, back when Gordon Brown was Prime Minster and Prince played the super bowl half time show. Read more

13 Feb 2017 Supporting cyber security training in UK schools

School children in England will be offered lessons in cyber security to help find the experts of the future to defend the UK from attacks. You could not attend a cyber security conference or show in 2016 without hearing that we need to do more to ensure that the next generation is fully prepared to keep pace with a landscape constantly evolving and predictable in its unpredictability. Read more

30 Nov 2016 What will an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) look like in 2017?

Companies such as Telesoft Technologies are making IVR’s more affordable and accessible to different sizes of businesses by offering a software-based IVR systems, improving customer service without replacing or installing new hardware or budgeting for extra resource. This is important for businesses in current times when the bottom line and customer service is king, and even more so to reduce OpEx and CapEx 2017. Read more

19 Oct 2016 Flow versus packet capture

As computer networks become more integral to the running of all major business and public infrastructure there has never been a better time to review the way that monitoring techniques have evolved over time to meet the ever-changing challenges facing network security teams. Read more

17 Oct 2016 Upcoming Tradeshows (Nov '16)

As a long-time supporter of Suricata and the OSIF, Telesoft is again sponsoring the annual user conference (SURICON) in Washington, DC for developers and security professionals. This year we will be discussing the Telesoft CERNE, a Suricata powered appliance for intelligent packet capture, built from a hybrid of hardware acceleration for shunting and signature scanning combined with optimized software, giving cost effective breach detection and forensics in the network core. Read more