18 Jun 2017 Infosecurity Europe 2017 Round-up

This year’s Infosecurity Europe began rather soggily at the Olypmia in London on Tuesday morning but the clouds soon cleared for an impressive and informative 3 days of keynotes, training and exhibitions, with over 17,972 visitors from over 77 countries the show was a hive of cyber security innovation and education. Read more

18 May 2017 Infosecurity Europe 2017…cyber in the spotlight

So, this week has been a huge week for the cyber security community, explained it on one fear inducingword ‘ransomware’ and when I say huge, we are talking about aglobal incident. The WannaCry (or WannaCrypt) cyber-attack has so far hit 150 countries, going after everything from critical national infrastructure, train stations to ATM machines. The ransomware is spread using a known, and patched, vulnerability (MS17-010) that came from a leaked NSA set of exploits. The attack was so significant that Microsoft scrambled to create a special patch for Windows XP users, three years after it pulled support. Read more

20 Apr 2017 Understanding Network Behaviour using NetFlow

In briefest of terms NetFlow helps you understand who, what, where, when, and how network traffic is moving through the network. NetFlow is data generated by network devices – routers, switches, firewalls, etc. which contain information about ‘data in motion’ in a network. Read more

28 Mar 2017 Forget elections, who’s hacking your details from online retailers?

Do you save your personal details when you make a purchase online? Retailers often entice customers to open an ‘account’ and save payment details on the promise of receiving discounts on future purchases and speeding up the buying process for next time. We all do it but is our precious data safe? According to NTT Groups 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report, retailers now experience the most cyber-attacks of any industry, to put into context that’s three times as many as the previous top target, the financial Industry. Read more

16 Mar 2017 Artificial Intelligence, machines learning to learn

Type Artificial Intelligence (A.I) or Machine Learning in to a search engine and you’re looking at around 2,000,000,000 (wow, that’s a lot of zeros!) results, I think it is fair to say that it’s a hot topic at the moment. In those results you will find articles describing how this new era of technology will change the shape of everything and should be viewed as a tool not a threat. Read more